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    So I searched but of course I saw only stuff about the phone. So I was wondering is there a way to bold only certain letters when writting an email or text message? Kind of like a highlight or something if you want a certain word to stick more then the others. I'd really love to know how to do this or if its possible. Thanks!

    I keep my text plain that's what I want selected. But then I want to just bold certain ones. Just want to make sure this makes sense, lol.

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    11-20-08 12:00 AM
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    That is a great question--never wondered that before...

    My limited search found nothing to note on this idea. My answer is--we can't. Unless someone else knows how?

    If I want to be specific when typing something on the blackberry, I usually type it in caps.
    11-20-08 12:14 AM
  3. stxeph's Avatar
    Well thanks for the response. I had thought of that and someone had thought I was yelling at them through a message, ha. So I thought if I could just bold the word or words it would look better.

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    11-20-08 12:24 AM
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    As always there is a work around IF and only if the recipient is using HTML to read their messages. If not then this (or anything else) will not work.

    THis link points the way http://forums.crackberry.com/f83/the...gnature-75397/.
    11-20-08 01:49 AM