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    I have completed a search for an answer to my question but I have been unable to find one. So, here it is...

    Background... Blackberry Bold running 297v2 on AT&T. I have AT&T DSL at 6Mbps. I can connect via WIFI and I get the white logo. I am connecting WIFI to a D-Link DIR-655 with the latest firmware. My speed on the computer connected by wire shows consistently 5.76 Mbps to the internet. I am running mixed mode n/g. I have tested the speed for b-only, g-only, and n/g mixed.

    Using the Xtreme Lab Speedtest app, I get Wifi speeds between ~750 Kbps to ~1200 Kbps (3G off). If i switch to 3G (with the BB symbol and WIFI off), I get over 2000 Kbps.

    Question: Why is my WIFI on the Bold so much slower than expected? I would hope to reach speeds closer to the limit experienced by the PC. Or, at least, to speeds that are as fast or faster than what I see in 3G. Might there be a setting in the router that is causing it to be slower? If so, what setting is it?

    By the way, I have the WIFI settings (IP and what not) manually configured to match what the router needs. In addition, I have also tried putting the IP address in the DMZ, but the problem still exists.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    10-30-09 11:56 PM