1. babdora's Avatar
    Hey there, I'm new here and I just bought my first BB, the bold
    I am having some problems with it though. I have a wifi connection at home, all other mobile phones and computers are able to connect and function normally, but the bold seems to be having some issues with it!
    I have set up the wifi connection using the wifi setup tool, it also says that it is connected to the wifi, but i don' think it is. In the menu where it shows your connection statuses, mz mobile operator has a green tick, whereas the wifi connection only has a white line. Also, if i turn off the mobile network data services, the berry says it isnt connected to the internet.
    I/m having some other issues with it, bt that is to be asked in another part of this forum
    It's driving me crazy, help!
    06-14-09 02:47 PM