1. patilona's Avatar
    Hi guys!

    im from spain and i have a question,i have read a lot but im a bit confused.
    I'm gonna get a BB Bold or a Storm, i only need to choose from a friend working in Vodafone next week, i need to unlock the BB beacuse im using orange, but i think this will not be a problem, isn't?

    I'm between this 2 models, i now that the Bold is better CPU and Wifi but the Storm has bigger screen ans is more "new".

    Im not going to pay any data plan so here is my question to decide wjat to choose:

    Can i use the wifi in the bold without a data plan?

    i know that i can not use the push email and a lot other application made for BB if i don't have any data plan, but i actually don't care about this.
    I want to know if i can surt with the wifi and see my mail from the browser, i also read that i may dowload another browser as opera-mini.

    I have read so much and im confused, some peopl says that i can't use the wifi witouth a data plan and the services books and some says that i can.

    Regarding the service books everybody is talking about: is this anything i can download from "somwere"

    I don't know nothing about BB i have allways use HTC with WM.

    I appreciate you help!
    05-31-09 10:50 AM
  2. PhoneModo's Avatar
    You need access to your BIS (aka you need data) in order to use things such as the internet, BBM, email and any other data options. WiFi is in place if you have that set up, and want a faster connection, but you NEED a data plan in order to use things
    05-31-09 01:24 PM