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    I am new to Blackberry...been using an older 7250 BB for a week now and the internet function is not working right. Device is probably busted. I want to get a Bold but was looking at a relative's Windows Based phone from Verizon--forgot the model #. It has the slide out qwerty keyboard and the touch screen. I thought his phone's touch screen was way too sensitive; however, the web browser seemed to be very fast. I would like to use the phone for work related purposes including emails of course; however, in my line of work, I will frequently get Word and Excel attachments along with adobe attachments. I also need to be able to access the Multiple Listing Service and other similar real estate sites via the web so that I can look up different addresses and property profiles while I am out at a job site. I really don't care about any of the games/media stuff. I could sure use your expert advice as to which device would work best for me. Thank you!
    11-10-08 12:18 AM
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    No one can tell you what device would be best for you beside yourself really.

    I think your refering to the Samsung SCH-i760, which is a WIndows Mobile Professional device. I have the predocessor (SCH-i730) and still love it, but there are many differences between the BlackBerry and Windows Mobile platforms. Windows Mobile has more capability, but requires more user knowledge and work. Windows Mobile has a very large and well developed third-party development community and has a ton of very nice software options out ther, so you can pretty much do anything you want with the device. BlackBerry on the other requires significantly less of the user. The OS is stable, battery life is amazing (you even come close to matching the battery life with Windows Mobile Professional), easy to use (especially if your already framiliar with a previous BlackBerry).

    I still see Windows Mobile have some sigificant advantages to the BlackBerry platform, but the BlackBerrys are coming a long way and provide a platform that while not as flexable is much easier for the average user. Many people try a Windows Mobile device and then get frustrated when something isn't as easy as they think it should be. Windows Mobile takes more work, but allow for much more user configuration to the extent that no two user have to use the device in the same way. This is both good and bad depending on personal needs.

    Currently I use an 8310 Curve and love it despite not being able to do a few things that are easy on Windows Mobile. (Full IMAP, skinning, LogMeIn remote desktop, real Today Screena, etc). I have learned to change the way I use my device to some extent and have really come to love the BlackBerry. That is not to say that RIM doesn't have some areas that they need to address soon, but not device or OS is perfect despite what the advertisements and sales representative says.

    Hope this helps.

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    11-10-08 06:07 AM
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    Bold Is for AT&T so you will probly have a problem finding one for VZW because of its SIM card.

    ohh and the other phone i think i know what your are talking about, it looks like the ATT tilt with out the tilting motion?

    my friend has it. it sucks.
    11-10-08 08:25 AM
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    That device is called the XV6700 or XV6800.. It's basically the Tilt but without tilting screen.

    Sprint's version is called the PPC-6700, PPC-6800(6800's codename is the "Mogul")
    11-10-08 09:59 AM