1. adakule's Avatar

    I have had five BOLDs since October 2008. They have all had the same problem, whereby they crash and a white screen appears with the message App Error 523. I have explained this to ORANGE customer service and they have no fix so they replace the handset!
    I read with interest that RIM are working with ORANGE for a fix but have yet to discover one. Unfortunately, ORANGE care assistants are in denial and explained that I have an isolated case. I cannot understand this reply since other users have reported similat issues. Also, ORANGE documents have been leaked to confirm my reported problems.
    Have you had any issues with this device on ORANGE or am I the only person in the UK with the problem?

    12-10-08 05:42 AM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    Check your OS version (Options/About) you probably have something historically buggy like - the original Orange release. This hit hundreds of users and ruined their experience of Bold.

    The fix is simple. Download a more recent version and upgrade it yourself. and .190 are both approved releases and are pretty stable. My preference is .185 because it seems to have better battery life, but there is not much difference.


    You'll also find others suggesting one of the beta test releases like .210 but I suggest you go with mainstream release until you are completely comfortable with your phone.
    12-12-08 02:23 PM