1. JC.88's Avatar
    Hi all!

    I get bored with phones kind of quickly and decided to post my Bold 9790 onto kijiji to trade and see what I would get for offers.

    I got an offer to trade for a white Bold 9900. I have always wanted to try a white phone but just have never made the switch from the usual black.

    Is this a good trade? I do like my Bold 9790, it has been a great phone. The only thing I wasn't too sure about was the lack of auto-focus on the 9900.

    Any feedback from Bold 9900 users (especially the ones who use the white version. Does it get that yellowish colour?) would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you
    06-06-12 06:05 PM
  2. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    I didn't find my White 9900 to go yellowish, mind you I only used it for a month,

    I much prefer my 9790 (blk) over my 9900 (blk) because of size, usb port location, convenience key

    I hit the camera key on my 9900 by mistake far more than my 9790 resulting in more of a battery drain on the 9900, I also much prefer how my 9900 sits when being charged with the USB cable going in at the bottom, it makes it easier to type on while it is charging.

    Camera I don't give either an advantage for, today I was trying to catch a rainbow with the 9790 and the image delay kept catching my windshield wipers, where with the 9900 I could have captured it being almost twice as fast capturing pics, these being miliseconds but still.
    but when doing an upclose shot of like a Menu to send off to a friend the 9900 sucked for the finer details but the 9790 was better.

    I say it is a good trade, you can sell the white 9900 for more than you can sell a 9790, unless you're willing to sell to the USA
    06-06-12 06:45 PM
  3. antheauxny's Avatar
    I'd say get it. The white 9900 looks very nice from what I've seen online & in
    videos! The camera on the 9900 isn't that great but at the same time it's pretty decent.
    Plus the screen is bigger & it has a faster processor.
    06-06-12 07:23 PM
  4. emad1995's Avatar
    i have the white 9900 and i like it. camera may not have auto focus but it's still pretty good for a camera on a phone

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    06-06-12 07:27 PM
  5. jthep's Avatar
    I have a black 9900, so I don't know if the white models turn yellow, but will say the Bold 9900 is one helluva phone and the keys are better than anything I have ever used in a mobile device.

    The camera takes good enough pictures, but yea, no autofocus. Bold 9900 is simply the best mobile device I have ever used...
    06-06-12 08:55 PM
  6. JC.88's Avatar
    Thank you for the great responses!
    I spoke with the trader a bit further and they made me aware that there is a crack in the top corner of the phone. I looked at a photo and I found it a bit unsettling it's a pretty obvious crack. Disappointing, but oh well. Maybe someone else will come along!
    Thanks again everyone!
    06-06-12 09:07 PM
  7. bbmme's Avatar
    9900 is hands down the best balckberry I've used eh. I came from a 9700 - 9900 - 9790 and now back to 9900. Besides the auto focus and slightly better battery, the 9900 is better at everything else.
    06-06-12 09:16 PM
  8. reeneebob's Avatar
    The white 9900 will start to yellow. Mine has. The bottom chin especially. It's irritating because the white paint under the glass stays very white and sticks out against the plastic that has started to yellow. I'd say it's makeup but I rarely talk on the phone so it hasn't been against my face very often...

    I got blisters on me fingers! from using Tapatalk.
    06-07-12 06:35 PM
  9. LeenaNag's Avatar
    Don't think that is a difficult choice. 9900 is simply better on features!
    06-08-12 06:24 AM
  10. PeterRei's Avatar
    I love my 9790. Feels nice in the hand, 9900 was too large for me.

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    06-08-12 06:38 AM