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    Ok guys.. Since the day I bought my bb around 3 months ago I downloaded several apps for the battery information and all of them say my temperaure is 24*C no matter how I use it... When I watch videos on youtube and I can feel the back getting little hotter but these battery apps still shows 24*C and my battery gets sudden 10% drop in battery percentage.(Ex. From 80 to 70 suddenly) and sometimes it shuts off at 25% battery left and I need to plug it om charge and then it will display 1% battery...while charging also I noticed that it jumps frm 75% to 100% in 1 minute. Doesn't show 80%,85%,90%,95% at all... I have tried new battery but still same result and I have tried changing OS 10 times already.. All same results. I'm currently oon OS6 .668 Any Idea and if it's hardware then can it be repaird or the parts replaced becuase I don't have warranty.
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