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    i have a bold 9780 with the latest software update , i have a couple of problems

    1- the yahoo messanger dosent sign in , it says service not enabled for this handeld , i tried every thing i found in the net ( i registerd in the data services )

    reinstaling the messanger < restarting the phone < registring in the host routing table , and more soulution that i found in the internet ,

    2- i cant add my yahoo e-mail account , it says that invaild user name and pasword , and i m sure that is the right pasword , i tried changing the password but it didnt work

    3- suddenly the broweser closes when i use alt +j ,,, and when i type fast

    4- the e-mail takes couple off minutes then the phone says that i got an email

    i need solution ( btw the windows live and the hot mail works fine )
    08-16-11 08:14 AM
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    أستغفر الله العظيم
    08-16-11 10:59 AM
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    08-16-11 08:14 PM
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    أستغفر الله العظيم
    08-17-11 05:54 AM
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    أستغفر الله العظيم
    08-17-11 03:59 PM