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    hey guys i need help, i just pick up bold 9700 last night and i cant connect to my wifi at home, i have a data plan and the 3G running good.

    everytime i connect to my wifi it always said
    reason:wo10:wifi connection failed

    i already reboot my modem and router and do the battery pull on bb bold but i still cant connect to my wifi. i am using comcast cable with linksys WRT610N router. my iphone connect just fine, do i get a defective bb bold? please help i have no clue
    01-14-10 09:30 PM
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    01-14-10 09:32 PM
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    i would try deleting and re-setting up the network in the saved connections list.

    Wifi / UMA Error Codes - BlackBerryFAQ

    W010 - Wi-Fi Connection Failed

    Meaning: The wireless network is no longer in range, or it has a weak signal.

    1. The wireless network is not in range or has a weak signal to provide a successful connection.

    2. If the attempt to connect is through the Saved Networks list, the network may not be available or the profile saved has different security settings than the available wireless network.

    3. If the attempt to connect is through the Available Networks list, then the user has probably walked out of the area of coverage of that particular wireless network.
    01-14-10 09:32 PM
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    I found that "Enable single profile scanning" created problems connecting, including, when rebooting (it automatically rebooting a few times in a row all by itself). Now that I have unchecked "enable single profile scanning", there is no longer any problem connecting and/or rebooting -- i.e., the first time always works.
    01-14-10 11:24 PM
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    I upgraded to last night and ever since I can't connect to my wifi at home. I'm not sure if its a coincidence or not. Everything seems to work fine, just not wifi. I add my router and WEP code (retyped it several times) and it still won't connect. It finds the router when scanning and I get the faded wifi logo but just won't connect. Here is the diagnostic if that helps. It doesn't show a failure reason.

    Current Profile: OURHOUSE
    AP MAC Address: 00:24:B2:1C:1E:28
    Security Type: WEP
    Association: Successful
    Authentication: Successful
    Local IP Address:
    Signal Level: -62 dBm
    Connection Data Rate: 54 Mbps
    Status: Network acquired
    Authentication Failure Reason:
    Network Type: 802.11b/g
    Network Channel: 11
    Pairwise Cipher: Not Applicable
    Group Cipher: Not Applicable
    Gateway Address:
    DHCP: Successful
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
    DNS suffix:
    Subnet Mask:
    Server Domain Suffix:
    Certificate: Not Applicable
    Software Token: Not Applicable
    Hotspot Code:
    Hotspot Message:
    Hotspot Status: Not Applicable

    Current Profile:
    Concentrator Address:
    Contact: N/A
    Authentication: N/A
    Secure Device IP:
    Status: VPN profile is not found.
    Resolving Concentrator: N/A
    Concentrator IP:
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
    DNS Suffix:
    Secure Subnet Mask:
    Retry at:
    Session Lifetime:
    Re-login at:
    Failed Login Attempts: 0
    Certificate: Not Applicable
    Software Token:

    BlackBerry Infrastructure
    Address Used:
    IP Used:
    Connecting: Error
    Authenticating router: N/A
    Authenticating server: N/A
    Last Contact At:

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    01-16-10 04:21 PM
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    Ok I feel stupid. All I had to do was register on the network again. I thought it did it automatically after a batt pull but apparently it didn't.

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    01-16-10 07:40 PM
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    Be careful, Comcast doesn't play nice with T-Mo equipment.
    01-16-10 08:53 PM
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    so today i returned my 3 days old bold 9700 to t-mobile store and purchase the new bold 9700 for $130. t-mobile have sale on this phone

    i have to paid $10 restocking fee and i get a perfect bb phone for $70 less.
    no loose bezel and wifi connect just fine.

    thanks for your help guys, i cant be happier
    01-17-10 03:38 AM