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    Both are in the $40-70 range (Used, Curves are newer so seem like little better condition overall) on eBay which is what I'm looking for. Regarding the OS, is 9650 OS 6 and 9930 OS 7? The only App I care about really is WhatsApp so if that works on OS6 then that's fine with me.

    The keyboard on the 9650 looks a lot nicer than the Curve but the Curve is newer so is the screen a lot better? Also, are the batteries pretty much the same? I had a Curve a while back and remember a great battery and typing was decent, is Bold a BIG typing upgrade or negligible?

    My girlfriends iPhone is almost dead so I'm gonna give her my iPhone 5 and then get one of these 2 phones because for all the amazingness of a new smartphone I still only use the damn thing for e-mail, texting, WhatsApp and light web surfing. I'm also out of upgrades and am closing on a car lease this week so money is tight.

    ALSO can I just walk into Verizon and have them switch the iPhone 5 to my GF's # and activate one of these used ones from Ebay to my line with no issues?

    EDIT: One quick note, what's the profile like on both phones? 9650 seems kinda thick from what I see with pictures on eBay while the Curve definitely seems trimmer, but I'm cool w/ the thicker phone if the battery is significantly better.

    Thanks for any help!
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    08-25-13 12:41 AM
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    I'd stay away from the 9650 if you're a power user. Battery life is atrocious. Os6 lags, and the radio is bad. Ruined the Bold name Imo. That's my two cents, but I was coming from the beast know as the 9700.. One of the best phones ever.

    Haven't used the curve.. But I imagine it's better than the TOUR 9650
    08-25-13 12:53 AM
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    Would the 9700 work on Verizon? I guess I'm an ***** but I was trying to go through all the BB models and it seemed like Bold 9700 wasn't offered on Verizon, just the 9650.

    When I try to search "BlackBerry Bold Verizon" on eBay it seems like I'm only getting 9650's and 99xx's so that's what's throwing me off.
    08-25-13 01:00 AM

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