1. alice.lin's Avatar
    I know there are alot of threads out there about the Bold 9000 and Wi-Fi problems but I haven't found a solution to my problem, which I haven't seen anyone else have yet.

    I'm visiting home in Bangkok from Vancouver so I've had my "Mobile Network" unchecked to prevent roaming charges and I've been using my home Wi-Fi just fine. It wasn't until I removed my Canadian sim card (I'm with Fido) and inserted a Thai sim card that the Wi-Fi stopped working. The phone is unlocked. It says it successfully connected to my home Wi-Fi but in Manage Connections, instead of the green check mark it's the white dash. And on the Home part the Wi-Fi symbol shows up on the top right corner but is grey instead of the fully connected glowing white.

    I didn't know changing a sim could somehow change/reset the settings?
    08-07-10 05:25 AM