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    Hi i got recently this bold 9000, and i have tree problems that i know.

    1.- GPS dont get any satellite, i have stand for like 5 mins on the roof of my house and still nothing.

    2.- I tried to upgrade it, but it says that i dont have memory for the upgrade, that i should remove some apps.

    3.- i dont know this one, but the bold 9000 should be 128 RAM + 1G internal memory + microSD slot OR should be 128 RAM + microSD slot, i just have the should be 128 RAM + microSD slot, i cannont find the 1G internal memory.

    09-17-10 01:21 PM
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    1-you should go to options-advanced options-GPS then click menu buton and click refresh make sure you are in an open space and it might take few minutes to get your location.

    2-What is your current software you have now on the phone? go to options-about.

    3- it has 1G internal memory that you can store music,files,apps what ever, you can't locate it as it's inside the phone.
    RAM is a complete different thing and it doesn't store your apps it just helps to process speed just never mind about it.
    there's an external micro SD slot that you can insert up to 8G card there it's located on the left side of the phone just read your manual.
    09-17-10 01:33 PM
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    1.- gps, already did that and nothings coming up.

    2.- software: right now i have: v4.6.0.247 (plat kernel: v3.8.5.50a <--- i have succefull update to

    3.- i dont get about the memory, how i can confirm if my phone memory is working good?
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    09-19-10 01:21 PM
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    1. it took me more than 15minutes to get it ...

    2. what i did was removing some language that i don't use and some 3rd party apps ... my upgrade was using the desktop software ... one member here said that do not use it , but i still don't know why ...

    3. i still haven't found some solid information about memory , but some information claim that doing the battery pull or hard reset and cleaning up some cache should do the trick ...
    09-20-10 04:26 AM
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    Your BB 9000 have 128 mb memory (ram), 1GB on-board storage + micro sd slot. It will take sd cards upto 32 GB.

    The OS and apps are stored in the 128 mb memory. A device with only the OS loaded, Would have about ~ 40-50 mb left for third party apps, themes etc.

    You can store music, videos, docs and other file types on the on-board memory or on the sd card.

    Hope this makes sense

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    09-20-10 07:04 AM
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    to verify memory go to Options>Memory

    I have seen Bold's that have had the memory issue where the internal or SD or even both would not show up, these devices had to be replaced, where did you get yours.
    09-20-10 02:16 PM