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    Hello I am A BES Admin for the USAF and currently having issues with a blackberry bold 9000 with OS 4.6 communicating with a SMART CARD. He have properly paired the device with the 5.0 CAC sled and were able to pull the customers personal certificates off the Card. Have properly synchronized all root, personal and intermediate certificates from our exchange server. Have the S/MIME and SMART CARD READER SUPPORT PACKAGE 5.0 is installed and present on the device. Also all LDAP and OCSP Servers are entered in correctly. When trying to open an encrypted email it will not fetch users certificate ( no matter the user... (even with correct email alias and pulling the senders proper CAC certs from the exchange) then while trying to decode or send signed and encrypted it gives a Cannot communicate with Smart card error after requesting the PIV (CAC pin Number) There are three customers experiencing the exact same issue and is not believed to be a CAC Credential issue. All three were configured on the same day by the same technician, Our next step is wanting to just wipe the device and reconfigure once more to see if the issue goes away. but not sure how or if this will resolve the issue just kinda throwing my hands in the air on this one. If anyone can provide assistance it would really help me out. Thanks!
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