1. satanshollow's Avatar
    Here in BC we have a law that you have to use a handsfree device. So i've been using one for the last couple of weeks. But now my 8220 doesn't start bluetooth. I've taken the battery out a couple of times and restarted it but it still won't work. What else can I try? Thanks!
    01-29-10 11:27 AM
  2. spasmonaut's Avatar
    Same trouble here on my 8220 with T-Mobile. Just started about 30 minutes ago or so. Tried a few battery pulls, and wiped the database for Bluetooth options out and am in the process of rebooting it now once again with a battery pull to see if that will do anything. Really annoying actually.
    02-02-10 08:16 PM
  3. spasmonaut's Avatar
    No change, unfortunately. Already had to exchange my first one for severe stability issues. Hoping this doesn't go that route as I'm out of warranty now. Not fond of having to reload software, etc.
    02-02-10 08:23 PM
  4. spasmonaut's Avatar
    You're not going to like this, but here's the official word from T-Mobile tech. support:

    The 8220 is no longer available as an upgrade through care, and I'm not sure if it pertains to customers under warranty, but as I'm within about a month or so of the warranty period having passed by, I'm SOL. They do not offer a paid/at-cost exchange option for me. My only choice is to upgrade or deal with it.

    The tech, Louise, that I spoke to admitted that the 8220 and the Curve 8310/8320 (similar hardware) were notorious for this and hard resets and wipes and reinstalls of the OS never fixed it. It seems the 8220 was indeed the ******* child of RIM which is rather sore for me considering how much I liked the form factor and I honestly don't know that I'm ready to go with a Curve 8520 or the Bold, even if upgrade pricing is attractive. I really loved having a flip that was a BlackBerry, and this is the only flip I've ever owned.

    As for the Curve 8520, she said the only thing going against it right now is a known issue of the trackpad going unresponsive and requiring a reinstall of the OS to restore it until a software fix is implemented. No news of any 5.0 releases for the 9700 or 8220, yet, so who knows if that may come down the pike and end up fixing this issue. T-Mobile is not known to be a fast deliverer in terms of upgraded software. Here's to hoping we ever see 5.0 for the flip at all...
    02-04-10 03:22 AM
  5. fmgflip's Avatar
    It is very rare but my wife and me have BB flips phones, and both at the same time stop to work the bluetooth. I pulled out the batteries on both and nothing.
    The wifi works and are capable of UMA connection, but you can't enable the bluetooth.
    Does somebody has an idea?
    03-07-10 12:20 PM