1. DsgnJnki's Avatar
    My problem is this, I have an 08 jeep overland with the my gig radio.
    My old ic902 worked fine
    my 8350i works fine for phone calls, but a two way shows up on the phone but does not go through the radio or the phone, If I grab the phone quick enough i can hit the $/speaker key and use it through the phone as if i'm not connected to a bluetooth device.

    It's pretty annoying but works, but i always have to hit the lil speaker button first, even if I'm two waying back and forth, but then if the person doesn't answer fast enough the phone disconnects the call and when they go to two way me again i can't hear what they are saying until i hit the speaker button

    For the record my 8350i works fine with a bluetooth headset i have

    The dealer updated my mygig radio with the latest update and still works the same, although supposedly i can import my phone book now

    The easiest fix i could think of, is if there is way to adjust my bluetooth device profile in the phone to disable the two way from going through the bluettoth device, or enable the speakerphone for two way calls only(which is essentially what i'm doing)
    03-24-09 02:47 PM
  2. speakerboy38's Avatar
    I currently have the the same problem in my 05 Grand Cherokee with UConnect.
    03-24-09 03:55 PM
  3. baggyp's Avatar
    I have an aftermarket Bluetooth hands free unit. I have this problem as well. I use to have a unit by a company called Parrot and it work with no problems. From what I have learned from Parrot, a DC call is not made like a call, or something to that effect. That doesn't explain why it still works on a bluetooth headset. Ultimately it seems it is something in the firmware of the bluetooth unit.
    03-24-09 09:42 PM
  4. jmac660's Avatar
    My DC won't work in my wife's Caddy either, sounds like it's probably a lost cause.

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    04-29-09 11:01 PM
  5. justlovejoy's Avatar
    Well! I have told our dear friend mr. Hesse through emails how upset I was at the bluetooth features of this phone and I got call backs with notes saying it will be fixed with 204. But that didn't work! Please get the email to these people from the important thread that's sticky'd and voice your opinions too!

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    04-29-09 11:49 PM
  6. havanahjoe's Avatar
    This is very annoying. We end up disabling bluetooth alltogether to be able to DC while in the car.

    I have a Parrot Mki9100 that does the same thing as the others have reported.

    I sent an e-mail to Dan Hesse about it.

    I did see that the Telus update that recently came out seems to fix this issue, all they need to do is apply that fix for our phones!
    09-19-09 04:42 PM