1. myrkorr's Avatar
    I don't understand why I never get bluetooth connection to work properly with the BB desktop manager and sync with outlook and/or media.

    I got it to work for half a day at best and to sync once or twice... So I have windows 7 64 and the 9800 with ...246. It connects just fine with W7 and sometimes with the BB desktop manager. When it does connect with BB desktop manager it tells me that the 9800 is powering off or something of the sort (which is not true...). Now it does not even notice that the bluetooth connection is happening between the phone and laptop. In the W7 device manager I have no new driver issues showing up.

    Can anyone guide me towards resolution of this problem?
    10-22-10 09:26 AM
  2. myrkorr's Avatar
    Still no help?!

    I reinstalled everything and manually installed the drivers. It worked for two days and now back with the error message about my BB9800 power off or having a low battery which is does not...
    10-28-10 12:37 PM