1. lpangm03's Avatar
    Is it possible to connect these two together via bluetooth? I am not trying to access the internet on the ipod through the storm, I would just like to use this method to send over pictures and/or videos from my storm to my ipod when I do not have access to a computer.

    When I search and discover connections between the two, they find each other, and it gives me a 6 digit number to compare between the two gadgets, and has me click yes if they match. I do this, but on the ipod it will show my storm 2 under the devices, and it will say not connected. On my storm, under paired devices, it shows the ipod.

    Is there anyone who has connected the two and could offer me some help on how to get this issue solved? This is my first time attempting to use bluetooth, so it's very possible that I am doing something wrong.
    04-06-10 09:15 PM