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    I just picked up one of these.. $40 (19 UK) !!!!

    I have looked all over the web (and here) for something JUST like this and found it in a local phone store this afternoon.

    Must have: Gear4 StreetParty Blu - Telegraph

    It is a perfect fit for the windowsill in my bathroom.

    I like to bath my toddler kids to classical music, so this + Flycast streaming radio = a good combo.

    It not as trebly as the tiny speaker in my new 8900... it is pleasant enough and I am able to hear cellos etc.. so its not TOO tinny sounding. It sounds like a small stereo radio.. so this wont be blasting out powerful low end but the price is right! And the windowsill fit is PERFECT.

    Vodaphone stores (UK) have them on sale for 19

    I haven't bothered to charge it yet - I just put 4 AA batteries in it..

    Hope you folks in the rest of the world can find em if you want em..

    (one drawback, I cant get the bluetooth to auto connect - i have to manually connect each time - which is a slight bummer - any tips for that?)
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