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    Hi there,

    Does anyone have experience of using the Storm (9500 in my case) with a Bluetooth car kit that uses the SIM Access Profile for connection. This is used by Volkswagen Group and a number of other manufacturers as a so-called "premium car kit".

    The car kit itself is essentially a Nokia phone and seems to work fairly flawlessly when connecting to a Nokia handset, but with the Storm the thing is extremely flakey.

    When I turn the ignition on, the car tries to connect to the Storm just as it should. The Storm says that the connection is successful but the car just sits their saying "Connecting...". If I force disconnect on the Storm and try to connect again from the car, it usually works. This means a couple of minutes fiddling with the thing every time I get into the car.

    Then, randomly and intermittently, the connection will fail, even in the middle of a call. Both car and Storm show they are connected, but the car acts as if the SIM isn't present ("No network"). It then takes multiple disconnect/reconnect cycles before reconnecting. Sometimes a battery pull is required on the Storm. Neither of these is something you should do while driving, so it is most inconvenient.

    I've tried various different s/w versions on the Storm (official and leaks) but they don't seem to have made any tangible difference. I've tried deleting the pairing, repairing and every possible combination of Bluetooth settings but nothing seems to make any difference.

    I've spoken to Volkswagen and they refuse to even look at it because "BlackBerries don't work" (probably a comment based on the fact the older BBs don't support the SAP). They also tell me that "there are no s/w updates for the Nokia car kit" - though frankly I find this very hard to believe (the car is two years old).

    BB is supposed to be a business-class device, yet I can't use it in conjunction with one of the most common business-class car kits! Right now, it feels like my only choice is to revert to a Nokia.

    Anybody have any suggestions/advice/comments?

    Thanks in advance!


    (By the way, other than the above and some issues with the Media Transfer Protocol/Windows Media Player, I don't have ANY other serious problems with my Storm!)
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    06-03-09 04:11 PM
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    I have UConnect in my truck and I don't experience any connection problems. Maybe write Volkswagon headquarters a letter.
    06-03-09 05:38 PM
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    I upgraded to the .151 leak and it seems that the Bluetooth SAP now works a heck of a lot better, certainly no worse than I had with my old Nokia Communicator. So I'm happy now!
    06-07-09 09:08 AM
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    Hi there,

    have you solved your problem? I have a same problem...
    11-10-09 02:40 PM
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    As per my previous post, all versions after .151 work perfectly for me on the Strom. The only thing that doesn't work is synchronising with the phone contacts (I think this is pretty much a Nokia-proprietary function) - but sync with SIM contacts works fine.

    Looks like you have a Bold though; not sure if the same fixes (whatever they were) are there for the Bold. All I can suggest is to try the latest software...but RIM obviously know what needs to be done now!

    Best of luck.
    11-11-09 03:54 PM