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    I want to transfer a file via bluetooth to my Storm 9530. (No, I can't use the USB, the software I'm trying to send via bluetooth must be sent that way).

    I bought the belkin bluetooth mini. It comes with Widcomm drivers, but can install using the Vista driver just fine.

    So, I installed it using only the Vista driver since an application i need to use can't be used with the Widcomm drivers. (BTScanner). I purchased this mini bluetooth device because I knew it to work with standard Vista drivers.

    When I go to pair it, it continually prompts for the driver even though I have the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software installed. I tried pointing towards the CD provided by the provider and it says unable to find. I searched RIM's site for Vista drivers, and nothing. I searched my providers site, and they were less helpful than RIM's site.

    If I acknowledge to install the drivers later (several times) it eventually comes up and says Blackberry caused a problem, see manufacturers site for more information. The blackberry does show paired, but the only services which come up are the Blackberry Desktop Manager and the Blackberry something else, and Dial up Networking.

    None of the other services I should see are there.

    If I install the Widcomm software, all services, including those for headsets, file transfer, etc, come up.

    Again, my problem is that I don't want to use the Widcomm software, so I would like the drivers for the other available blackberry services from blackberry.
    09-02-09 03:42 PM