1. jimmiejaz's Avatar
    Hi Guys,

    I am a newbie to blackberry and am facing a strange problem.
    I was trying to pair my BB with my pc running on vista ultimate. It worked fine yday night and i was able to transfer music and images to and from my BB. But strangely, i started getting an error "Bluetooth peripheral device missing". I tried a solution wherein i installed the drivers for it manually. But after i did that, nothing seems to be working.

    When i go to Bluetooth Options -> Device properties, i dont see any services listed which is i think the reason that i am not able to transfer anything between a BB and a PC.

    Tell me what should be my next steps? Shall i reinstall my OS? Any help will be much appreciated.
    I Love my BB and dont want to screw it so soon.....

    10-28-09 11:52 AM
  2. perniciousviper's Avatar
    Just a guess here but on you BB, below device options in the Bluetooth
    menu, go to 'options' instead. Are things like 'data transfer' checked?

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    10-28-09 05:39 PM