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    Ok, heres my post from howardforums, but maybe i thought that it might be helpful here too...

    Ok, I've searched high and low and the only answer I can find is that it is not possible... I don't think so because of this situation.
    One morning, I was using my BB Storm 9530, running v4.7.0.148 platform and I had a Jawbone 2 paired. I received an email and I heard my phone vibrate but no ring... I wanted to check it out but had no time since I was heading to meet my friend... I grabbed my bluetooth (which was paired already) and left... When driving, my friend called and I felt the phone vibrate and as a surprise, I heard my ringtone in my ear! I was like whoa cool! Just to verify, I had my friend call again and it happened...
    Afterwards, I went back home and charged up my phone, and then it stopped working... Any ideas?? I would definitely love to have it working again... Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!
    10-21-09 09:27 AM