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    I have a curve 8530 verizon and trying to pair it with a nokia surge ATT... it will pair up but when i try to get music files/ringtones it says connection is terminated... even after going to music-menue-recieve using bluetooth..

    PLEASE HELP... im loosing patience fast lol
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    09-13-10 01:06 PM
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    What is fules?
    09-13-10 01:22 PM
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    LOL sorry ... i meant files
    09-13-10 01:23 PM
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    Welcome to the forums.

    What are you trying to do? Send files?

    Pair the devices. Have them see each other. Input the 0000 code. That's all, if you try to connect you will get a failure.

    Start sending the file on the Nokia, it will find the 8530. Then on the 8530, go Media > Receive using Bluetooth and get the file.


    Go Media > Send using Bluetooth on the 8530, point it to the Nokia (the menu, not the device) and then do whatever the Nokia needs to get the file.

    One final advise: Losing yor cool at technology only makes it harder to get whatever you're doing right. Keep your cool, get the task done.
    09-13-10 01:27 PM