1. velocity37's Avatar
    I need to delete a BT pairing off my tour but it wont let me. whenever i try a new pairing it says " connection in progress please wait" Ive battery pulled turned the connection on and off but as soon as you turn bluetooth on it trys to connect and wont stop. I cant even bb button the pairing to delete it. Is there anyway to delete it from dm ??????? any help guys would be awesome cuz my bt is unusable
    09-10-09 11:44 PM
  2. driphter's Avatar
    do you have any bt devices sucessfully paired to your tour? they might be causing the issue.
    09-11-09 10:49 AM
  3. RegE's Avatar
    Sorry, no DM deletions afforded to BT. If you have other devices paired, delete them. It sounds as though the Tour is trying to connect to a device that it's familiar with. I recently had a similar situation where my Jawbone wouldn't connect. I tried to pair it again and got nothing but error calamities, probably because of similar names being found. Try renaming the device and then see if deletion is possible.
    09-11-09 05:52 PM