1. marbleann's Avatar
    Were do I find the numeric pass key to pair a bluetooth phone with mine? Thanks in advance.
    06-06-09 01:40 PM
  2. crackberry_jones's Avatar
    It's usually 0000 (four zeros).

    Or do you mean phone-to-phone?
    06-06-09 01:54 PM
  3. aczaplicki's Avatar
    It's usually 0000 (four zeros).

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    Yupp, if not just google the brand it is and you should find it.
    06-06-09 01:56 PM
  4. marbleann's Avatar
    Thanks it is phone to phone. I put 0000 for her phone and it works but when I put it in for mine it doesn't work.
    06-06-09 03:41 PM
  5. tarek307's Avatar
    i wish someone could give a clear answer for this, also what if someone your trying to use blue tooth with doesn't have a blackberry, this numeric pass key thing is rediculous, in Egypt everyone uses bluetooth to send pics, files, ect..when i go there i can't connect to anyone because of this numeric key thing
    08-29-09 06:14 AM