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    I'm responsible for BlackBerry support at my company, and two of our employees are having a problem. Let me explain:

    Our employees use the auto on/off function to turn off their BlackBerries in the evening, and turn them back on in the morning. However, when the device turns on in the morning, Bluetooth is not automatically enabled, while it was enabled when the device turned off. This is very frustrating, because those 2 people often forget to turn it on manually in the morning, and only realise this when they get a phone call while driving.

    Some info about the devices they're using:
    BlackBerry Curve 8900 (OS / Platform

    I've tried to reproduce the problem on different devices: Curve 8900 (OS 5); Curve 8900 (OS 4.6), and Bold 9000 (OS 5), however I never got the issue on these devices.

    We use a BES server at our company, but the policy doesn't seem to restrict the use of bluetooth.

    I've searched Google for a couple of hours and found some people with the same problem across some forums, but their thread didn't get any usefull replies or even didn't get a reply at all.

    So my question is, do you know how to fix this issue? Or have you any suggestions I can try?

    05-12-11 09:47 AM
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    Do either of these people also use Smart WiFI by chance. I know different radios, but I have a purpose in asking and seen this exact same issue with that app being in use.

    Well the first suggestion would be to not use the auto on off feature, but that may not be something they want to hear. Other suggestion, don't forget to activate the BT when they power on in the morning. Once again something they may not want to hear. Another suggestion, try a different OS if there is one available. Another suggestion, remove all third party apps on these 2 devices and see if the issue persists. If not then re add each application separately until the issue comes back. If the issue happens even after removing all apps then a different OS would be needed to be tried.
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    05-12-11 11:21 AM
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    Thanks for your reply!

    Those two employees aren't that tech-savvy, so I doubt they have the Smart Wifi app (or any other app for that matter) installed. But I've inquired into the matter.

    Since they have still OS 4.6, I can upgrade to 5, but that requires them to bring the device to us, and they won't like that very much either haha!

    Anyway, any other suggestions are always welcome!
    05-13-11 07:43 AM