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    Ok, so I have already set up my tethering internet connection via bluetooth (horray science!), and simple browsing is fast and convenient.

    However when I deal with larger amounts of data, I am having trouble keeping the speed of my connection consistent.

    Example: when loading a video clip, its initial loading is incredibly fast, yet about 30 seconds after the downloading speed seems to all but drop off the map. The loading process then slowly creeps to completion, with a few bursts of power along the way. The whole experience is quite the tease.

    Another issue: while connected, sometimes my device will reboot without any given notice- I am simply dumbfounded

    Has anyone else using the bluetooth connection experienced problems similar to this?

    It seems that the problem lies within the phone itself, not my computer. I am running it on Vista O/S. I feel that there are some minor tweaks I should be making to my phone (or computer) that will solve these problems...

    Anyone have any thoughts?
    09-06-09 04:36 PM