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    I was wondering if anyone knew if I could use any blue tooth keyboard with my Blackberry Tour...
    I'd like to buy one keyboard to use with my blackberry and my PS3, but I wasn't sure if any this was supported.

    I see there are 2 keyboards that are on the crackberry store, and I might consider one of them...
    Does anyone know if those keyboards would also work with a computer or PS3?

    10-20-09 05:14 PM
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    U know what would be cool? If u could use your blackberry as a keyboard for your ps3!

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    11-14-09 06:46 AM
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    Yeah I am trying to find out if there is a way to use the BB as a keyboard for my PS3. Sorry I don't have help with your answer. Someone needs to make an app to use the BB as a keyboard with the PS3. I have a keyboard that works with the PS3 but it is not bluetooth. To bigh and bulky to have right next to you when you are playing and want to send a quick message.
    11-23-09 10:14 AM
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    i don't know about "just any" bluetooth keyboard but I did just get a Chicklet mini bluetooth keyboard at Amazon for $35 and it seems to work fine.. it also has a mouse control knob so you don't have to get a mouse if you don't want. It does take some getting use to but ok. As a matter of fact, I'm typing this with it.
    Amazon.com: Handheld Mini Bluetooth HID Wireless Chicklet Keyboard with Mouse Control Combo for Media Center PC, Windows 7/Vista/XP, Apple iPad & Sony PS3: Electronics
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    Unfortunately a HID keyboard won't work with a BlackBerry. BB doesn't support the HID Bluetooth profile, and the SPP profile that it does support requires a driver app to be installed on the phone. The Freedom Pro keyboard by Freedom Input is the only Bluetooth keyboard I know of that will work with a BB and has drivers available for current OSes.

    Amazon.com: Freedom Pro Bluetooth Portable Folding Keyboard for Apple iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad/iPad 2, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, BlackBerry PlayBook, Android, Symbian Smartphones and all other HID Enabled Devices: Cell Phones & Accessories

    Last winter I bought a really nice looking iGo Stowaway that was about as useful as a rock because they ceased all driver support years ago. Fortunately I was able to eBay it for more than I paid.
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    06-17-11 03:15 PM