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    I have a Bold 9700. All was well with the bluetooth up until i activated my Data Plan. Before I activated my data plan i had upgraded my phone to the newest official OS at that time but i was still able to pair with other mobile devices at that time.

    Anyhow, After I activated my Data plan, I realised that i was unable to pair. I was still able to transfer files to and from devices that was already paired with me but i was not able to establish any new bluetooth connections. What happens is that the devices that i try to pair with, is able to find me but my phone cannot find them. I have carried the phone to my service provider hoping that they would be of some assistance to no avail. They downgraded the phone to the original OS version and the bluetooth worked for a couple of minutes before the same issue arose again.

    I really do not know what my service provider did when they set up my data plan. If anyone knows how to resolve this issue it would be truly appreciated. I really wouldnt like to think that I wouldnt be able to pair to anyone new...

    N.B. I compared my bluetooth options with someone who has a 9700 and we both have the same options highlighted.

    Many thanks in advance.
    04-22-10 01:44 PM