1. Kneedragon88's Avatar
    I've got a Blackberry 9700 and a motorola headset I don't remember the model but the back of it says DB227 and it looks like the H500. I could get the headset to connect to my old phone, a UX260 but my BB won't recognize my bluetooth so I can't use my headset. Anyone got any ideas as to why? My only random thought was that its an older headset but I didn't think that should matter. Thanks!
    08-09-10 07:42 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    You did allow BT discovery on the BB? Might the headset only pair to one or a limited number of phones and needs some kind of re-initiation?
    08-09-10 07:54 PM
  3. Kneedragon88's Avatar
    Yeah, I did allow discovery and I think its the headset itself so I think I might just stop by a store and pickup a new headset.
    08-11-10 11:52 PM