1. bluedragon1971's Avatar
    Does anyone have any suggestions for a bluetooth headset that works well with wearing glasses? I originally had a Jabra BT250v, which worked well, but it hurt after a period of time. I have also had a Moto H700, which fit well, but I could not hear it very well. I currently have a Plantronics 220 which causes a lot a pain to my ear after a short time. I am usually in a vehicle when I am using it.
    09-15-09 03:31 PM
  2. bill97024's Avatar
    I use a Blueant V1 with a jabra eargel. No earhook is needed with the jabra eargel, and the V1 has plenty of volume and very good clarity with this setup. I can wear it for hours and often forget it's even there.
    09-15-09 04:43 PM
  3. bluedragon1971's Avatar
    Thanks for the recommendation, but that is more than I want to spend. I was hoping to get my employer to pay for it(since it is for work), but they won't since I already have one. I ended up getting a Moto H695 from a Verizon store. It was on sale and I got a company discount as well. It is comfortable, and it sounds good.
    09-18-09 10:11 PM
  4. milly177's Avatar
    The Plantronics Discovery 950 was pretty good for me. It goes directly into the ear and is pretty snug in there. It is not uncomfortable at all. I've bought 4 of these bluetooths already for various people and each one of them have loved it. I saw that on crackberry they have an even newer model of the it, but I don't know if it is worth all that much. I bought mine from Amazon when it was on sale so if you can hold out, you might get a very good deal on it.
    09-18-09 10:46 PM
  5. IZZY Dead's Avatar
    I have a Plantronics 520 that I wear with glasses. It has a very soft rubber ear piece and is very comfortable and fits over the ear and is not uncomfortable with glasses on or off. It's a mid priced bluetooth running anywhere from 60-90.00 depending where you buy it and you can pair it with 2 phones at the same time which I like, I have been meaning to upgrade to the 920 but this one has lasted just over a year now and it looks and performs as new. My 2 cents.
    09-18-09 11:06 PM
  6. acecommander's Avatar
    I'm deaf in my left ear, and have a bi-cross microphone that hooks over my left ear and transmits to a receiver in my right ear so I can hear where sound and noises are coming from. There's a small plug that is positioned deep in my right ear, but I can still put my Jabra BT350 into my ear canal. It's not the best in the wind, but it feels comfortable and the sound is excellent. It's A2DP compatible, so I can listen to music and videos from it, as well as the phone.
    09-19-09 01:40 AM
  7. EJHcab's Avatar
    I had the H700 worked well, but I misplaced it... I just bought the h710 and it is a big step above the h700. I wear it with my costas all day. No hurting here. Depends on the ears

    09-19-09 01:17 PM