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    I am looking at getting a new bluetooth headset for my Storm, and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I have used a number of different bluetooth headsets, and decided to go off of them for a while because of the fit. I have narrowed my selection down to three that all seem to have both good and bad reviews.

    The Blueant Q1 has gotten good reviews with being able to talk to the headset and the noise cancelling technologies, but at the same time some say there are some bugs with the voice recognition of the bluetooth itself and "talking" to it can be a hassle at times.

    The Aliph Jawbone Prime has been said to have superior sound quality and noise cancellation with the "noise assassin". However, there have been some bad reviews since the nub on the boom has to be touching your cheek for so that the voice seperation can work properly. Also a lot of people ave said that the fit is hit and miss.

    Finally, the Plantronics Discovery 975 has gotten a lot of good reviews for its sound quality and fit, but at the same time it doesn't work so well in noisy situations the best. Also, my brother had the Discovery 925 and said that the sound was muffled a lot of the time, not to mention the constant adjustments of the headset itself to get it to fit comfortablly.

    I realize that bluetooth headsets are really an individual decision as some work best for some and not for others, but I would appreciate any input from owners of these bluetooth headsets or anyone who may have had experience with them. Thanks in advance for all replies!
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    Check out this thread with some good info on the BT you're considering:

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