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    I am using a Bluetooth Headset from LG (the HBS-250) with my 8350i and it works pretty well. I understand I can pair this headset with a separate source for music and still keep them paired with a cell phone and I was wondering if anyone has experience doing this with the 8350i. I am considering getting a bluetooth adapter for laptop/desktop so I can listen off the computer and still receive calls.

    From what I understand, it is also possible to use one of these bluetooth adapters to provide wireless internet for a computer through the Blackberry. How difficult is this to set up and how well does it work?
    06-15-10 09:25 PM
  2. littona's Avatar
    I've done all of that except the Internet. Couldn't get that to work. Streaming audio isn't that great, at least in my experience. The phone can't keep up, so sometimes the pitch increases until everything sounds like the chipmunks. Other times it'll just drop out intermittently. Turning off the WiFi sometimes helps, but really? I have a bluetooth speakerphone for the car. Sometimes when I try voice dialing, the phone reboots. Bluetooth is buggy on this phone!

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    06-20-10 06:14 PM