1. imnotahippie's Avatar
    i have the blackberry bold and i never go anywhere with out my bluetooth. (plantronics 655) well i like to listen to music so i carry a pair of head phones as well. and wile trying out a few programs such as mobiTV, XM radio, and Radio Companion. the music comes through my bluetooth headset. but for some reason i can't get it to do the same through the music player. it goes through the speakers or the speaker phone. not my bluetooth.

    any ideas on this?

    and thanks in advance for any help.
    12-13-08 04:48 AM
  2. mtariqa's Avatar
    Same thing for me. I can not listen Music from BlackBerry Bold on Motorolla Bluetooth Headset. Plesae advise.
    03-13-09 01:35 AM
  3. MarkusALC's Avatar
    Hmmm. I can't really help you but it works with my Jabra 8030 without having had too much to set up. Did you enable your device in the music player or in the options menu? Does the bluetooth icon appear in the music player (bottom left corner, near the volume indicator)? When you connect to your BT device, which profiles does it say are recognized?
    03-13-09 03:14 AM