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    I'm trying to solve a problem here at work with our Blackberry 8330 phones and our other devices running Windows Mobile 5.0. I need some way to be able to transfer files of all types between the two devices via Bluetooth. I've successfully paired the two devices and transferred a .JPG from the phone to the Windows Mobile device using Bluetooth, but I can't transfer any files the other way.

    The program I've been using on the WM device is File Transfer, configured to use Bluetooth by default. I've already set the options on the phone to automatically trust the WM device, and to disable encryption. I attempt to send my selected file from the WM device, the screen says "Searching for receiver". On the Blackberry I have tried both going into the "Media" program send selecting "Receive via Bluetooth" and leaving the phone alone to see if it will detect it on its own.

    The LED blinks blue on the phone, indicating it's paired and communicating with the WM device. I'm at a loss for what else I can try. Any ideas??
    10-28-09 03:03 PM
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    My g/f had her BB USB plugin on her phone die, and we were told that BB's don't let you do phone to phone transfers. In order to backup her phone, I had to get a Bluetooth USB adapter for my computer to backup her phone to transfer the files using BB Desktop Manager. I may be wrong, but I don't know if it's possible...?

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    10-28-09 05:44 PM