07-23-10 01:50 PM
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  1. beri-beri's Avatar
    hey nicole, I figured out exactly what you did but separately. Have just finished bluetoothing a load of my favourite MP3's onto my 8310.

    Has anyone worked out the answer to stomcrows question i..e why the files upload to the wrong file path? Once uploaded, can you move them as my music files are in the ringtones folder (still play ok though)
    01-06-09 04:25 PM
  2. beri-beri's Avatar
    ok, just answered my own and stomcrows question. Go to 'media' and hit the menu button and then 'explore'

    Go to the folder where the files nhave saved (ringtone for me) and then click on one of the files. Click 'move' and then find the file you want to move it to and then click 'move here'. Simple!
    01-06-09 04:33 PM
  3. flop's Avatar
    Nicole, it works! You have just saved my old 8707v... and it can send files too. I love you!!

    This simple task is disallowed by the RIM Desktop Manager because they seem to think my phone doesn't support it. I was looking everywhere for a way to get this working and the answer was in the menus the whole time! Windows still does not list this under services :P
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    01-06-09 04:36 PM
  4. random_bald_guy's Avatar
    Just wanted to let you know that last how to post about Blackberries and Bluetooth actually solved my problem. Thank You!

    Now if I only knew how to send my addresses that are saved in an csv file to my blackberry and, if so, where to send it, how to send it, or if it would even work.

    Any ideas?
    02-24-09 09:31 PM
  5. djbberry's Avatar
    some devices ask for a a code to paired usually "0000" on both devices, i have no problems i transfer files to my laptop fast in fact it found a bluetooth device on i was like where is that device someone forgot a phone here or what nop its was someone on other side of street cool signal i had to ask the person what phone he had he said "sony ericcson"
    03-06-09 10:49 PM
  6. dingyh's Avatar
    me too,having the same problem with my BB
    03-07-09 12:32 AM
  7. pegs's Avatar
    I've been working and researching the same problem everyone else has already posted and so far the only thing I can find for sure is that...YES... I have same problem.

    I have tested my Curve using a blade and a lotus. It will pair with both of these phones but WILL NOT RECEIVE a contact or a photo from either of them.

    Both the Lg Lotus and the Samsung blade will easily transfer files and photos between each other. But not my Curve......

    Blackberry needs to take a serious look at the lame *** bluetooth functionality they provide as it relates to other cell phones.

    I can pair and have the 8330 listed as a trusted device on both the lotus and the blade. One exception is when you try to send a photo from the blade. The lotus is listed but not the curve even though the curve is paired and listed as a trusted device. The blade provides for a "search" of bluetooth devices, but from the MEDIA section of the blade.... It won't FIND the curve. Wierd. The lotus on the other hand seems ready to send files to the Curve... but the message I get most often is "connection failed" or transfer failed.

    So far using 2 different phones the common demoniator for the PROBLEM is the BB. And that just isn't acceptable....

    Its pretty fraudulent to say you are selling a bluetooth capable phone that has limited or no functionality for bluetooth use.

    BB needs to come up with a revised OS and fix this.

    But they aren't going to unless people complain about it.
    03-08-09 12:23 PM
  8. syllana's Avatar
    I just found something very interesting. I was able to send a picture from an 8330 to a Windows XP computer, by following these instructions: linuxappfinder.com/blog/transferring_files_over_bluetooth_using_a_blackber ry_curve_pearl_8800 (tr.im/hG7E)

    I failed when trying to send a text file. I need to be able to sync files, but thought it entirely impossible before finding that page.
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    03-22-09 10:48 PM
  9. proph8's Avatar
    Here here! Same problem but with lotus and nokia n75. Between each other no prob. bb will send contacts to both but will not receive from either. All fields are go'paired,trusted, blah blah..

    I am not even able to transfer from usb to usb. And desktop mgr not working... Frustration ad nauseum...
    Any takers?

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    05-11-09 11:49 AM
  10. Antvan's Avatar
    hey everyone,

    I just got my blackberry storm the other week and I was trying to figure out as well how I could receive media files from my laptop to my BB storm. Bluetooth in my laptop was telling me that my BB did not have the File Transfer service.
    I then figured it out with a little help from some thread and the right click menu hehe.

    First, as someone said before, click on Media on your BB. Then click on the directory you wish you save your files to.
    Then, click on the blackberry button and click Receive Using Bluetooth. It will then say waiting for a connection.

    After I did that, I went on to my laptop, right clicked on the file I want to send, clicked on Send To --> Bluetooth--> Other... A window should then pop up asking you which device you want to connect to. Select your device then click OK.

    Once you click OK you should receive a message on your BB asking you if you would like to accept the connection request. Click yes and save the file.

    I don't know if this is the most efficient way to send files via Bluetooth but it definitely worked for me. I'm am also using Windows XP but I don't think that should make much of a difference.

    Any idea on how to transfer a "Non-Media" file like a word document or PDF?
    I am able to transfers pictures from my laptop with no problem, however it doesnt work with other files.
    01-26-10 10:59 AM
  11. maggiegie's Avatar
    Any idea on how to transfer a "Non-Media" file like a word document or PDF?
    I am able to transfers pictures from my laptop with no problem, however it doesnt work with other files.
    I have been using a free app for file transfer. I copied the following info from the web site:
    YouCast for Blackberry: It allows you to send files from bb to bb or from bb to regular email account. To download the software, point your bb browser to m.youcast.net/blackberry.html
    01-26-10 09:43 PM
  12. FF22's Avatar
    Any idea on how to transfer a "Non-Media" file like a word document or PDF?
    I am able to transfers pictures from my laptop with no problem, however it doesnt work with other files.
    I just use Windows' Explorer with the BB set for MassStorageMode which allows the BB to show up as another lettered DRIVE on your computer.

    Using Bluetooth (BT), I have the BT icon in the task tray (lower right) and right click it and either Send/Receive and point to file or send file from BB.
    01-26-10 10:40 PM
  13. dhra's Avatar
    Hey guys...u guys are awesome and super helpful! I have another problem though, I've been able to transfer jpeg files from my computer to my bold 9700. However, once transfered the jpeg just won't open on my bb...what the heck? help please! (sorry if it's been asked, i'm a newbie) thanks!
    01-31-10 04:27 AM
  14. FF22's Avatar
    I gather there is more than one type of jpg format, including some newer versions but I don't know how they might be handled. How large are the ones you are transferring? Can you see their filenames on the BB but they don't open? Or are they just not showing at all?
    01-31-10 09:40 AM
  15. sharmani's Avatar
    I never tried file transfer using blackberry.
    01-31-10 09:47 AM
  16. NS_Newbie's Avatar
    And correct you are, despite Rapidlaser's quick dismissal of the file transfer feature for the 8310. After all, it really wouldn't make much sense for them to offer the option for file transfers via bluetooth without actually implementing the functionality.

    Here's how to do it:

    1. For those of you who can't even get your computer to even detect your curve, this may sound really simple, but I'm sure you've overlooked this. From the Bluetooth options screen that shows your listed device, hit the menu button, and scroll down to "Options." See the listed information? Make sure that next to "Discoverable," it has "Yes" listed. If not, click the scroll wheel and change it to yes. I bet you're kicking yourself for that one.

    2. Now this is where it gets somewhat tricky and misleading. Even after having switched "Discoverable" to "Yes" allowing your computer to detect the 8310, you will still get a message saying "Remote device does not support service" if you try to transfer a file from your computer to the curve using your transfer application.

    This is when you have to go into your "Media" application and select any format type. After doing so, hit the menu button, and select "Receive Using Bluetooth." While it's waiting, select whatever file you wish to send on your computer, select send via Bluetooth, and then select your 8310. No matter what format you started the receiving process on, the 8310 will automatically detect what type of file was transferred and put it in its respective folder.

    There you have it folks. I have no clue why this process was made so arbitrary on the 8310, but file transfers via Bluetooth are definitely doable. Sorry Rapid, looks like you were wrong, and the funny thing is, I just got my 8310 today, and I was able to figure this out without having even read the quick or starting guide.
    OMG!! I have googled and read stuff that didn't solve my problem. I didn't want to transfer media files and that seemed to be the only way to do the file transfer. Soooo, your explicit directions that even though you transfer the file by receiving through the media folder, the BB will put it in the right other spot made all the diff!!! I am *so* pleased - thank you thank you thank you!!!
    04-22-10 08:43 AM
  17. rapidlaser's Avatar
    Check the date of my post Dork! it was 2 years ago, boy you are a genius, it only took you 2 years to figure it out and the phone is so out of date now, so give yourself a pat on the back! some people are so far behind the rest of the world it's painful!!!!!
    04-25-10 08:08 PM
  18. ajax1000's Avatar

    To transfer content, perform the following on the Blackberry:

    1. Select Media from the Blackberry desktop->
    2. Using the "Pearl Wheel" select the type of incoming content (Music, Photos, Videos, etc..)
    3. Press the menu key and select Receive Using Bluetooth
    2. You should see a message on the phone that says Waiting for Connection.

    On the remote computer or other mobile phone that has the desired content

    1. Launch the Bluetooth file transfer program if applicable to the remote computer/phone
    2. Select the file you want to send to the Blackberry Curve
    3. Click the Search button on the computer or mobile phone if applicable to find the Blackberry Curve.
    4. Send the selected file....
    ty very much. I don't think I would have figured that out by myself
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    07-23-10 01:50 PM
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