1. howejustin's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I'm trying to use bluCTRL to control my spare laptop, which is hooked up to my LCD TV via HDMI (great for watching netflix movies, etc etc). There's only one problem...the bluetooth connection between my 9700 and the laptop (which has a USB bluetooth dongle) connects then a few seconds later disconnects. I've deleted the laptop connection from the 9700 and visa versa, started fresh, and it does the same thing. I watch the laptop profile on my 9700 in bluetooth options go from bolded to un-bolded in only a second or two.

    Anybody have any tips? My bluetooth headset in my car works just fine all the time. It's only the laptop connection which doesn't. It used to work just fine with my Curve 8900, too.
    01-13-10 09:57 PM
  2. jgodin03's Avatar
    I used this app on my old BB... Never woked correctly.

    But I never had issues with the connection, may be you dongle?
    01-13-10 10:00 PM