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    "Connection to Phone failed" (notice displayed on Curve 8900) <- dead end
    Run out of support options and REALLY getting steamed.

    Bberry Curve 8900 v5 1036 (bundle 1682)
    Bberry Desktop Software v6.1.0.35 (bundle 34)
    BlackBerry Device Manager
    Windows 7 - 64bit
    Microsoft Bluetooth (BT) Transceiver

    Tried all the recommendations from Windows 7 64 bit thread, including adding the two additional RIM virtual ports, but this is dug in deep now.

    It's base services that fail to complete. The idea (as far as I believe) is to satisfy the Device Manager by adding the BT device (no?)

    1. Adding device results in <add device.png>. This looks promising!
    2. Window bluetooth add a device responds favorably <windows pairing.png> Negotiation goes smoothly (pass a pin back and forth).
    3. BlackBerry 8900 is listed as a device! Indications are good (no?)
    4. Notice on Curve 8900 "Connection to Phone failed"
    5. No devices listed in DM Bluetooth Devices display <bb devices.png>

    Other interesting notes...
    As I press 'Ok' when selecting a BT enabled device the button doesn't reflect an activated (pressed) state. The window doesn't change for a minute or so, and then only goes away. That is when I expect the newly added device to show up on the DM BT Devices window.
    Also, the Windows properties report services of DUN and Remote Control. I would have expected to find more...

    Extracted log file attached <Desktop Log.txt>. Other debug instructions for logging don't seem to apply to this version of the DM.

    Who cares about this stuff? I would REALLY like to pair and use these services. It's why I paid the big bucks for BBerry. Please help nail this one for good. Thanks in advance!!!
    06-21-11 02:37 PM
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    Another interesting thing is that even though the DM add BT device process doesn't complete successfully for the application, Windows BT device manager now has the Curve 8900 listed. It's grayed on the Windows side and the BB paired device listing is not bold (the link is down). According to BT help on the BB, it is desired to turn OFF encryption, which of course is impossible while you're setting up the pairing, but can be done once pairing is complete. In the mean time the DM add device application has already finished, though not posted the device available.

    If you look at the properties of the Curve 8900 from the Windows BT DM, accessing the BT services tab will result in both the icon to not be gray and the BB listing goes bold for a few seconds. Clearly the link is established...

    Why does the link go down? Why does BB DM add device fail to included the newly paired device, even when Windows clearly has completed successfully?
    06-22-11 05:00 PM
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    Much progress (thanks to everyone with their insightful advice ) Some critical answers to the puzzle:
    1. Device was on a BES in previous life. IT policies don't get wiped until you loader.exe/resettofactory (leave that to you understand implication). An indication of this was found when looking at the BB BT options to see that both desktop connectivity and wireless bypass were gray.
    2. The BB BT setup seems to use the MS BT DM API, so in the end using MS BT Add device was sufficient to establish the pairing and properly advertise the needed services to BB DM.

    BlackBerry Desktop Software is connecting and syncing via USB or Bluetooth!

    And the annoying Bluetooth "Connection to Phone failed" is still hanging around ... it's a BlackBerry, get used to it!
    06-22-11 06:54 PM