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    The USB BlueTooth adaptor I use on my laptop has always worked flawlessly but I havent used it in a few weeks. This afternoon I plugged it in to synch my BB with my Laptop and it doesn't see my BB! If I click on the BlueTooth icon in my laptops system tray area and click SHOW BLUETOOTH DEVICES it DOES see my Blackberry but Desktop Manager isn't seeing it!

    Tried plugging it into a different USB port to no avail, any ideas?!
    11-04-08 08:43 AM
  2. dakatone's Avatar
    You say you hadn't used the dongle in a few weeks. Was it always plugged in or did you need to plug it back in? If so was anything installed that could have been third party? The reason I ask is that is the main reason for BT synching not working: non-supported 3rd party software.

    Another thing is the option section for BT connectivity "greyed out" in your DM? That is also an indication that the BT module is unsupported and needs to instead use Windows native software.
    11-04-08 07:42 PM
  3. anon(1411583)'s Avatar
    Where does one find this windows software?
    11-16-08 06:00 PM
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    The native software for Windows is automatically on all Vista installations and XP SP2+ installations (meaning if you have SP2 or SP3 installed you have it).

    BlackBerry Search Results
    11-16-08 06:17 PM
  5. anon(1411583)'s Avatar
    ok, I should have that because I downloaded sp3. Im still have trouble with bt connectivity, I want to give up but I want to keep trying to figure it out.
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    11-16-08 06:19 PM