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    I'm about as frustrated as I care to be. See my other post "BB Curve will not sync to PC".

    I'm about ready to trade in my new Curve for another WM Smartphone.

    The WM Smartphone was easy to install and sync'd within minutes.

    This Blackberry is killing me.

    I do like the Blackberry better, but if it's this difficult to simple sync it with my PC I don't know if it's worth.

    Anyway, enough ranting and raving.

    Does anyone know a USB Bluetooth adapter, that I can pull out of the box, plug in my PC and then have Desktop Manager see it?

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    08-26-08 06:52 PM
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    For the dm to sync to the bt, you need to use windows bt stack drivers. I use a 3 yr old Kensington bt dongle and cant sync using dm but i just put files into bt exchange folder that was created from new wincomm drivers that are compatible w/ dongle. Works great for me. Does not sync the way you are used to w/ connect and sync using dm. I don't even open dm when i send using bt. Connect comp. and bb then send via exchange folder to and fro.
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    how do you do it, export calendar.csv or contacts.csv to the Bluetooth Exchange folder then what?

    08-26-08 07:33 PM
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    when I go to send it via bluetooth to the BB it says "Service is not found on Device Blackberry 8330 (Connected)
    08-26-08 07:36 PM
  5. LiliC's Avatar
    I have DM 4.6 and a Belkin USB bluetooth dongle. I downloaded updated windows drivers from Belkins website, paired the computer and the phone and set sync to bluetooth in my DM options.

    I'm syncing just fine, no problems.
    08-26-08 07:38 PM
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    do you know what Belkin you have or does it matter, I bought a cheap IOGear and can't find any driver support for it either on BB, IOGear or Microsoft.

    08-26-08 07:48 PM
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    I don't think it matters but my model # is f8t013xx1
    08-26-08 08:02 PM
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    I could not locate a Belkin so I bought a Kensington. I went with the Micro Adapter, but others will probably work. I de-installed Desktop Manager, then loaded and setup the USB Bluetooth adapter, then loaded Desktop Manager. My Outlook now syncs, but my Media Manager is grayed out. I figure that out later.
    Thanks everyone for the help.

    08-27-08 07:29 PM
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    Wow that's all really confusing! Hahaha!

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    08-27-08 08:56 PM
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    I picked up a Targus adaptor and worked my way through to a successful setup.

    When you connect the usb adaptor it needs drivers. Instead of popping in the driver cd and installing them (they are windcom) -- drop into device manager and specify the driver location, I used the included driver cd -- which has a btw J3 Signed directory. After this installed it automatically setup Microsoft's bluetooth.

    Paired the phone and Desktop Manager 4.7 worked fine.
    12-04-08 08:53 AM