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    To anyone thinking about it but still hesitant to pull the trigger, go for it.

    Works well, comfortable fit, clear sound on both ends, decent range - about 20 feet which is the same as both my Plantronics.

    No reason to hesitate if you think you may like it. There may be personal preferences, but I really can't see any other sets working better - maybe as good, but not better. I don't know that I will use all the voice features, but they are nice and it walks you through them very easily.

    One downside, You cannot VOICE speed dial what you have in your phone already.

    they are pre-programmed as follows

    "call home" - calls speed dial 2 (what you have programmed in speed dial 2)

    "call office" - calls speed dial 3 (what you have programmed in speed dial 3)

    "call favorite" - (what you have programmed in speed dial 4)
    " call goog 411" preset, can't vhange
    Call speed dial 6-9 you call what you have programmed in your phone in spots 6-9

    ***in other words, my sister in on my phone as speed dial 3, but to call speed dial 3 I have to say " call office"

    I think this is a safe purchase for anyone. Probably the best endorsement I could give it is that if anything happened after warranty that I would same model again

    Amazon - 76 bucks, maybe cheaper somewhere else but I didn't look too much further.
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    I'm looking at getting a BT headset here in a day or two. Thanks for the info.
    12-11-08 06:56 PM