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    I'm a (beginner) Canadian investor and I want to view realtime stock market information on my BB.

    I downloaded the Morningstar App (which looks incredible!) but was disappointed to learn that it only works with the US site (Morningstar.com) and will not sync with the Canadian site (morningstar.ca).

    Then I installed "Blue" and found it to be even better than Moringstar (not as flashy though) and have been having a lot of fun with it so far.

    The question I have, for anyone who may have used it, is this:

    How do I find mutual funds in it? It seems like it's able to load up mutual funds, but when I search for the MF tickers it just comes back with no results.

    Part of the problem here may be that different sites/programs have different names on the same mutual fund. For example, one of the funds that I have is the "Scotia Canadian Tactical Asset Allocation" fund with ScotiaFunds.
    - If I go ScotiaBanks website they tell me the symbol is BNS371.
    - If I go to Google Finance they call it MUTF_CA:BNS371.
    - If I go Morningstar.com or Morningstar.ca they call this fund F0CAN05O64. If I search for BNS371 on Morningstar I cannot find the fund. It took me forever to find it on MS because they call it "Scotia Cdn" as opposed to "Scotia Canadian".
    - If I go Yahoo Finance they call it SCOTIACDNTAC.TO
    - If I go to Bloomberg they call it SCOTREF:CN

    But here's what's killing me: I cannot find it in Blue. I've typed every ticker/symbol above in Blue and it doesn't find it. I've typed the name of the fund and it cannot find it.

    Has anyone run into this?

    Perhaps it's not a software issue, perhaps it's more of a lack of understanding of how fund symbols work.


    03-21-11 07:51 AM