1. jweisler's Avatar
    I have successfully set up my Tour 9630 to pair with my Blue Ant car speakerphone. I have also set up the Blue Ant to pair with my cheapy old Motorola phone.

    If I get in the car with Moto phone (can't remember model -- looks like Razr, but smaller, and it's not a Crazr), when I open up the Blue Ant mic, the Blue Ant automatically sees my Motorola and they connect -- no buttons pushed. Like magic.

    But the same does not happen for my Blackberry. To get the blackberry to do this, I have to open mic on Blue Ant, then go to the Bluetooth menu on the BB and go through the pairing process.

    Is this the way it's supposed to work? (And when I try this my motorola is not with me). Can something be set up so that the Blue Ant automatically sees my BB?

    11-16-09 02:01 PM