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    Different vid of the same thinng. Doesn't look like Michael from Rim Sweden gets much sleep. I think the coolest thing is the virtual space and how fluid the animation is.
    03-02-12 09:22 PM
  2. Dapper37's Avatar
    354,000 views already says people are interested in what they see.
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    03-03-12 12:53 AM
  3. avt123's Avatar
    354,000 views already says people like what they see.
    Actually only 220 people liked it according to youtube.

    Cool stuff though. Make it real.
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    03-03-12 01:24 AM
  4. ody360's Avatar
    And someone modify it for poker night... Texas hold'em with our playbooks!
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    03-03-12 01:49 AM
  5. DuexNoir's Avatar
    That is a really awesome concept! Now RIM just needs to stop showing it (and getting the idea stolen) and actually make it and debut it fast!
    08-06-12 04:44 PM
  6. PlayBookUserMT's Avatar
    I love seeing demos of this feature. I suggested a feature like this last year through the beta zone. Got a reply telling me it was forwarded to the appropriate people and then about 5 months later I saw it demonstrated for the first time.

    It's definitely possible they were working on this before I ever mentioned the idea, but man does it feel good seeing new and innovative features you want come to life.
    08-06-12 11:57 PM