1. quest877's Avatar
    In my opinion, Blackberry needs to take care of following factors-
    1. Shut down BBOS7, or make BIS free
    and completely concentrate on BB10. Instead of wasting money on reviving Legacy, and be done with it.

    2. Make Pricing right.
    i know z10 is priced now, but lets not forget other devices. For eg. Q5. Poor thing is priced higher than Z10, and that's unhealthy, as its biting dust in alot of warehouses.

    3.Viral Marketing
    make catchy ads, reach to people on Facebook, youtube. bbry's customers have better things to do than to advertise about a cell phone company.

    4.Target Audience
    if they want to reach youth, then be more youth friendly. Show more kids/teens/20yr olds in your ads more(that actually works). As its nowadays kids who suggest phones to their parents. Not everyone is a businessman, you know.

    5.Sort out your phones according to classes.
    guess they are already doing it, still i wanted to convey it. They should divide all phones based on their classes/ price tags.
    Z3/Q3(i hope that's Kopi) - Introductory range
    Z5/Q5 -lower/mid range
    Z10/Q10 -mid range
    Z20(?)/Q20 -Upper range
    Z30/Q30 -Top tier
    I'm clueless about how their successors will be named
    Specifying range actually makes it easy for consumers in device selection.

    Let me know if i my points are correct or not
    04-06-14 02:02 PM
  2. Raddin's Avatar
    They aren't wasting money on legacy though. They actually make money off of BBOS and the BIS revenue it generates. Currently, BlackBerry 10 is a massive money pit. What little money BBOS does bring in, gets gobbled up by the new platform, which cost literally billions of dollars to create and so far hasn't made a single cent in profit.

    Doing what you suggest, would probably only speed up BlackBerry's demise.

    They already have two platforms going at once right now, the only problem is one makes money, while the other doesn't. In my opinion, BlackBerry should maybe consider putting BB10 down, and keeping BBOS going for those consumers in emerging markets and all of the corporations that want the security it provides. Then they could release some skinned Android device for all of the consumers who don't care about security. It would be an accomplishment for a skinned Android device from BlackBerry to sell as poorly as BlackBerry 10 has.
    04-06-14 02:23 PM
  3. Old_Mil's Avatar
    1. Target Dec 2015 as the shutdown date for BIS/OS7. By then BES12 should be deployed as well as track pad handsets with BB10.

    2. Continue to perfect BB10. This OS should be in release 10.4 by the time BIS is shut down. If you use another "OS 10" as a benchmark it was the Mac OS 10.4 that finally solidified that operating system.

    3. Focus on security, efficiency, and productivity. Advertise these things. Apple is attempting to occupy the same space as Android and is losing. That's because, in all honest, the iPhone with its 7 doesn't offer anything Android 4.2 does not. When it was iOS 5 vs Android 2 it was a different story. BlackBerry needs to be the go to device for businesses and consumers who do not want their enterprises and lives to be the real product.

    Posted via CB10
    04-06-14 02:26 PM
  4. Playbook007's Avatar
    Still need OS7 revenues. Continue developing BES12. Sell direct in the US only, or where ever Carrier support is non existent. ADVERTISE to show the public you are still in business!

    Posted via CB10
    04-06-14 02:36 PM
  5. z10baby's Avatar
    you don't live in a market where BIS is awesome and pricing depends on whos buying for instance in indonesia the bold 9900 is priced higher than the z10 but still outsells it.
    04-06-14 02:36 PM

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