03-09-14 08:01 AM
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    I see them all the time here in London UK. Everyday on the trains I see the z10 on grown ups and a growing number of kids. it's nowhere as much as the iPhone or Android phones but it's a lot more than most think. We're not as "flavour of the month" minded as they are in America when it comes to tech despite the uk being more or less a puppet for the US when it comes to political stuff.

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    03-09-14 03:57 AM
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    I work in an academic environment where Apple products have always had a strong following. But even I'm noticing more BB10 devices. Just about fell off my seat the other day when one of my Apple friends showed up with a Z10. She said the price was great and she was tired of crappy keyboards, an email service that is tempermental and the inability to send attachments realibly. She actually called the iPhone useless for work. Wow.

    While I can't speak for the US , the Apple glow is dying in Canada. The iStore near me had thin crowds at Christmas and are deserted on a Saturday. I wouldn't be surprised if they downsize.

    I think there is also an appreciation in Canada that BB10 is now the best productivity platform on the market. I can definitely say that when I go to a meeting and put my Z10 on the table the iPhones go away. One handed use of the Z10 is just awesome and something everyone appreciates.

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    03-09-14 04:55 AM
  3. goku_vegeta's Avatar
    Pretty common to see BB10 devices in Canada in general. Especially in Ontario

    Been travelling in the US a lot last couple months. All I see is iPhones... seriously, thats all. to the point it scares me. Are Americans that hypnotized by that company? It is beyond me why people pay as much as they do for that device. They lap it up to the point of concern IMO

    Sat beside a guy from Indiana on the plane yesterday and he was frustrated by his iPhone 5s (the battery life). He then went on about it for an hour (complaining about the keyboard, the small screen, the email....etc), then proceeded to pull another one out of his jacket pocket. When I looked at him with a stunned look, he explained to me he has one for work and one for personal, and he said that his personal one was crappy and wasn't fond of it either. When I asked him which one he got first he told me his work one! I was laughing, and asked if he didn't like his work iPhone, what on God's green earth did he get one for personal? He simply replied, he didn't know what else to get, and was suggested to get one.

    For what it's worth I showed him my Z10. He asked where I was a couple months earlier to explain all this to him? LOL

    He really thought the Hub was slick, the changeable battery (considering his troubles) , and liked my BlackBerry travel app. Said he will look into getting one for his personal phone.....I warned him the person at the store will try to talk him out of it. he told me not to worry about that

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    This mirrors my experiences as well. I can guarantee that I will see a BlackBerry Z10 at least once everyday when I'm outside heading to the university. For some reason I've never seen the Q10 in the wild as often.

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    03-09-14 08:01 AM
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