06-26-15 01:53 PM
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    BlackBerry cannot be trusted from a consumer point of view.

    Playbook abandoned
    Z10 abandoned. Rather than somehow improving the battery life. The z10 takes longer to charge than to discharge.
    Z30. Good phone people have been asking for the successor. No reply. Rather than that BlackBerry produces awkward phones like the passport strongly hated by a big % of current BlackBerry users. Or ghosts from the past like the classic.

    It seems like finally the slider phone is coming. Maybe too late if consumers are hearing rumours of android BlackBerry.

    Bbm rather than making it cross platform long time ago, they decided to do it too late.

    BlackBerry can't be trusted from a consumer point of view.

    BlackBerry has to come up with a new product, not a phone, not a tablet, maybe a watch? But something that makes people to get the phone as well later.

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    06-26-15 01:53 PM
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