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    A penny for anyone's thoughts, I have been using a curve 3G since December 2010 and have found it to be extremely productive and efficient over the time period. I however have been waiting for a suitable upgrade to OS 10 since July 2012 (as are most of you, I'm sure). The thing is I am from India where I'm sure the Z10 will arrive at least 2 months after the global launch (not Jan 30 but whenever the devices become available) and also the fact that we in India have to buy the phone at full price as we can't enter any from of contractual subsidy with the telephone service provider. Thanks to the delays by RIM so far I have managed to save INR 50,000 (USD 1,000) over the last year for my bb 10 device. Do you think I should go for the Z10 as soon as it comes to India or wait it out for the mythical aristo with a quad core krait processor and most importantly with a kickass 2800mah battery (according to the leaked specs).
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    01-25-13 09:11 PM
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    What are you using it for? If for work, the Z10 that is coming first should have plenty of horse power. If you do processor intensive things, wait.

    Best I can say really. How does resale work in India? If you got hte Z10, could you sell it in 6 months and upgrade?
    01-25-13 09:34 PM
  3. Clinto's Avatar
    I feel for you Aditya. It is a dilema.. It sounds like you are an exceedingly patient individual. Who knows how the launch is going to go. BlackBerry might have a tough time, there may be bugs that need to be worked out. Plus I know they are working on a 10 inch Tablet that is a top priority too. Thorstein has eluded to coming out with a complete mobile computing platform aka a tablet numerous times in different interviews. So I wouldn't doubt if that Tablet will be pushed ahead of the Aristo.
    I'd hate to see you wait for an unconfirmed device that may not be coming for a long time. But worst case scenario, if you do get a Z10 and I'm wrong and 3 or 4 months later the Aristo does come out, you could always sell your Z10 on Ebay or similar site and use that money to get the Aristo. Plus at this point I think RIM could use every sale they get when they launch BB10.

    Just my opinion... And it's only worth what you paid for it.

    Suggested BlackBerry 10 roadmap appears, outlines possible device release times | CrackBerry.com
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    01-25-13 09:41 PM
  4. cjcampbell's Avatar
    Well, the Z10 is confirmed and the Aritso is a rumour. Assuming you won't see the Z10 for at least 2 months, by that time, any rumours of new devices should be out and about and my be more concrete than they are now. I'd say take a wait and see approach. Also, as the others have said, you can continue to save, and once the newer device, which may or may not come, you can sell and get the new one.
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    01-25-13 10:00 PM
  5. Bold_until_Hybrid_Comes's Avatar
    There's always something better coming
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    01-25-13 10:13 PM
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    the astrio doesn't sound like a real device. the processor and battery are the only special things about (larger screen too i guess).

    larger screen - not an upgrade for manufactures, just an upgrade... in fact, the pixel density is lower, therefore i can't seeing it be any more difficult from a technical standpoint.

    larger battery - again, not a technical challenge

    faster processor... well, by the time it was originally slated to come out, it would be out of date (assuming RIM wants a phone with mega specs). Optimus G and Nexus 4 use it.

    in conclusion: don't hold your breath for that phone. Z10 will be more than enough.
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    01-25-13 10:18 PM
  7. jesse_h's Avatar
    Yes, wait for the device that doesn't even exist.
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    01-25-13 10:19 PM
  8. Aditya_Deshbandhu's Avatar
    I am a teacher and a research associate, so most of my work would involve reading e-mails and correcting assignments from students via the phone. Maybe a little bit of social networking, though what caught my eye was the larger battery in the aristo as I travel a lot. Resale in India is bad and it would be nearly impossible to recoup even 50p.c, of the capital 6 months later.
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    01-25-13 10:29 PM
  9. Jtaylor1986's Avatar
    The Aristo only exists in your mind at this point as there hasn't been anything more than a slide released with the name on it which could easily be fake. Yes there will probably be new phones coming out next august but considering that the chipset that was leaked back then won't even be top of the line anymore I am sure a new super high end device will have completely different specs than what was listed there. Probably something along the lines of the OMAP 5 or the Snapdragon 600/800 rather than what was listed there.
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    01-25-13 10:50 PM
  10. Clinto's Avatar
    Yeah, that resale value in India is a key detail. Who knows maybe BlackBerry will hint at what else is to come on the 30th. Maybe then, it will be clearer for you. I have heard around here that RIM has confirmed that they will be launching 6 devices in 2013. Check out the link below.. So who knows? Maybe the Aristo is coming..

    RIM CMO Frank Boulben confirms there will be at least six BlackBerry 10 devices in 2013 | CrackBerry.com
    01-25-13 11:06 PM
  11. TgeekB's Avatar
    I believe the z10 will suit your needs fine. As far as battery life, buy an extra battery and you are good to go.
    01-26-13 09:18 AM
  12. Skeevecr's Avatar
    The odds are that any phone that evolves from those leaked specs for the Aristo will not be out before next Xmas, so it makes very little sense to hold out nearly a year for the sake of a phone that might not even suit you as well as the z10 and if it does you will be able to sell your z10 to get it.
    01-26-13 09:36 AM
  13. Vorkosigan's Avatar
    I believe the z10 will suit your needs fine. As far as battery life, buy an extra battery and you are good to go.
    This is what I would suggest. Thankfully RIM has kept the swappable battery.
    01-26-13 10:53 AM
  14. BBThemes's Avatar
    this is the never ending smartphone problem. that is to say there is always something better faster etc on the horizon. if the aristo launches im sure the `next` BB will be already rumoured so you`ll once again be in this position.
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    01-26-13 10:58 AM
  15. RECOOL's Avatar
    ask for a trade + cash offer for the aristo if you really want that.
    01-26-13 11:00 AM

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