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    While strong day one sales of the BlackBerry Z10 in both Canada and the U.K. don’t exactly point to a positive trend given the relatively small size of these markets, the Street seems to think some credit is due to the embattled smartphone maker.

    In addition to promising initial results at the retail level, RBC Capital Markets analyst Mark Sue noted that BlackBerry is also getting many upgrade requests from enterprise clients.

    “There appears to be meaningful enterprise demand for BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 among existing diehards and even iPhone and Android users,” he told clients. “Enterprise upgrades may be delayed several months, given enterprise testing and certification, but RIM’s free software upgrade (to BES 10) and early training may accelerate the process.”
    BlackBerry shares (BBRY) were down about 3% at US$15.53 in pre-market trading on Nasdaq Wednesday.

    The analyst noted that both finance and government verticals plan to use BES, although other non-regulated industries may use Microsoft ActiveSync. He also suggested that since BBM and SMS archiving is currently unavailable, initial BB10 uptake may be delayed among some users.

    RBC’s checks at 40 Rogers, Bell, Telus and Wireless Wave stores in Canada indicate healthy demand for the Z10 as several stores were sold out of the device by the end of its first day on the shelf. Meanwhile, pre-orders hit a record high for BlackBerry at Bell.

    With supply looking limited as individual stores have been allocated an average of just 5 to ten units and an estimated 20 to 30 Z10s for pre-orders, Mr. Sue expects inventory to remain light for the next several weeks.
    BlackBerry Z10 seeing healthy enterprise and retail demand | Trading Desk | Investing | Financial Post
    02-06-13 09:15 AM
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    I for one prefer this type of fruit to the other. Go BB!!!
    02-07-13 05:27 PM
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    I hope this holds true throughout the US release
    Knightcrawler likes this.
    02-07-13 05:58 PM
  4. Knightcrawler's Avatar
    If some of the crucial apps (skype, whats app) are there in time for the US launch, and we get even a small update fixing some issues (to be fair, its less issue fixing and more just adding extra features or details), the US launch should be pretty solid.
    02-07-13 07:31 PM

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